Kezia Bacon registered yoga teacher


Kezia Bacon is a Registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Lifecycle Celebrant, and a newspaper columnist. She resides in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Kezia has been practicing yoga since 1990. She earned her basic yoga teacher certification in Kripalu Yoga in 1997, and her advanced certification in 2003. She is also certified in Yoga for Pregnancy. Kezia teaches several weekly classes in the Marshfield area. She is the founder of Yoga at the River’s Edge, a summer outdoor yoga program co-sponsored by the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, which recently wrapped up its 16th season. She also offers workshops and private sessions in yoga, breathing, meditation and Thai Yoga Massage. She produced her first instructional CD, “Gentle Yoga,” in 2008, and has just released her second CD “Gentle Yoga Volume 2.”

It’s a common question. The “i” is silent. It is pronounced, “Kee-za.”

Kezia is also a Wedding Officiant!

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“Yoga is tolerating the consequences of being yourself.”

- The Bhagavad-Gita

Kripalu Yoga is a compassionate form of yoga with a focus on consciousness -- learning to be present through mindful awareness. Classes flow through warm-ups, traditional postures, breathing and meditation. The intention is one of integration, not perfection.